ACT Writing

ACT Writing Examples

This page contains writing examples and explains the format of this section of the ACT examination.

As part of the ACT test, you may need to take a writing test that involves composing a brief essay. The essay should be approximately 300 to 500 words in length.

You will be allowed 30 minutes for the ACT writing test. In that time, you will need to plan, write, and check your essay.

In this part of the ACT exam, you will see two differing comments on a particular issue, such as international travel or global warming.

You will need to state your opinion and justify it with reasons, explanations, and examples.

Your writing will be assessed only for your composition, sentence construction, and grammatical skills. Your work will not be judged on the basis of the views that you have expressed.

ACT Writing Example Question:

Most Americans have access to computers and cell phones on a daily basis, making email and text messaging extremely popular. While some people argue that email and text are now the most convenient forms of personal communication, others believe that electronic communication technology is often used inappropriately. Write an essay for an audience of educated adults in which you take a position on this topic. Be sure to provide reasons and examples to support your viewpoint.

Writing Criteria:

These criteria will be used to assess your writing:

1. Focus and purpose – Be sure to express your position clearly in the introduction of your essay and to maintain your viewpoint in your writing.

2. Organization – Your essay should be organized into paragraphs, including an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion.

3. Development – You need to elaborate on the main idea of your essay, so remember to include examples and explanations that illustrate and support your point of view.

4. Sentence construction – You should compose syntactically developed sentences that demonstrate a variety of sentence patterns.

5. Mechanics – Your essay should be grammatically correct and punctuated correctly.

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