ACT Test Tips

ACT Test Tips Page

This page has test tips for the ACT examination, including study advice and help with the ACT math test, as well as with the other parts of the ACT exam.

For official test information, please visit the official ACT website.

Ten Best ACT Test Tips:

Tip (1) – Be sure to send in your photo on time.

We put this piece of advice as the first of our test tips for the exam because of the number of students who forget to do it. Remember that you will need to submit a photo of yourself before you will be allowed to take the test. You can send them a digital photo or a printed photo. Normally ACT must receive your photo at least 4 work days before your exam date. If not, they can cancel your test registration.

Tip (2) – Be sure to print your admission ticket.

You will need an admission ticket in order to take the exam. Bring the admission ticket with your photo ID to the test center on the day of your test or you won’t be allowed to take the exam.

Tip (3) – Check that your calculator is permitted.

If you want to use a calculator during your actual math exam, be sure that it is not on the list of prohibited calculators.

Tip (4) – Check out the location of the test center before the day of the test.

If you are not sure where the test center is, drive there to check it out before the day of your actual test. There is nothing worse than having a panic at the last minute because you can’t find the venue.

Tip (5) – Arrive early enough.

Be sure you arrive at the test center by at least 8 AM on the day of the exam. Arriving a bit before this would be even better.

Tip (6) – Stop means stop.

Do not attempt to complete or alter answers to any section of the test after the finish time for that part has been called out by the examiner. This is prohibited and can result in your expulsion from the exam.

Tip (7) – Keep an eye on the time.

Take a watch with you on the day of your test. Each section has a time limit and your will need to pace yourself. Your cell phone may not be permitted, so be sure to bring a watch.

Tip (8) – Use the break wisely.

There will be a break during the exam. Bring something to eat and drink in order to keep up your energy level during the test.

Tip (9) – Work carefully and methodically.

In addition to pacing yourself correctly, be sure you read all of the instructions with care and that you mark your answers on your answer sheet clearly.

Tip (10) – Guess if you have to.

There will be an announcement 5 minutes before the end of the test. If you run out of time and have several questions left unanswered, you should work for 2 or 3 more minutes and then just begin filling in answers to the remaining questions. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

In addition to these test tips for the ACT, our ACT Math Formulas, Free ACT Preparation, and Study Help sections will help you be prepared for the day of your test.