Science Review for the ACT Test

Looking for a science review for the ACT test? This page explains what to expect on this part of the examination.

This part of the test lasts for 35 minutes and contains 40 questions.

Types of Questions

You will need to review the data provided in each question on this part of the exam in order to:

  • comprehend the basic scientific concepts represented in the texts, as well as in the data
  • evaluate the data provided and the hypotheses deriving from the data to determine the veracity or validity of those hypotheses
  • predict scientific results or behaviors based on the data given
  • make conclusions based on the data or hypotheses provided

Types of Passages

This part of the exam contains passages and questions of three different types:

  • Illustrations, including graphs, charts, or tables – these questions test how well you can read and interpret data that is represented in tabular and graphic form.
  • Synopses of related research studies – this part of the science test assesses your ability to analyze research results.
  • Conflicting interpretations or hypotheses – for questions in this format, you will need to compare differing viewpoints.

Skills Assessed

Before you take this part of the examination, you will need to have completed at least three years of study in science in high school.

In particular, you will need to have taken at least one class in biology and another in earth science or physical science.

In other words, you will need to have background knowledge in certain basic scientific concepts to be able to complete this part of the examination.

The essential skills tested include interpretation and analysis of scientific results, resolution of differing viewpoints, and problem-solving skills.

Please note that even though calculators are allowed for the math test, they are not allowed for the science test.

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