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Math Problems for the Exam

This section of our website consists of math problems for the examination.

You will find problems and formulas for algebra, coordinate geometry and plane geometry, and trigonometric functions.

Free algebra exercises

Free geometry exercises

Free exercises on trigonometric functions

Math Problems for Algebra

Our algebra equations section shows you how to solve pre-algebra, elementary algebra, and intermediate algebra questions on the math test.

The algebra questions on the exam cover basic mathematical concepts like mean (arithmetic average), median, operations with decimals, percentages, fractions, absolute values, square roots, and estimations, rounding, and approximations.

You will encounter combinations of these concepts in certain problems in the intermediate algebra questions on the math test. So you will need more than one type of math formula to solve these types of questions.

For instance, you may see a question that has a fraction which contains another fraction or a decimal in its numerator or denominator.

Another common type of problem is where an erroneous result is given, and you have to use the data provided in order to correct the result.

An example of this would be the type of practical algebra problem in which the average grade has been calculated for a class, but the score for one student was omitted.

You will be given the erroneous average and the omitted score and then you will have to calculate the correct average.

Math Problems for Coordinate Geometry and Plane Geometry

The coordinate geometry and plane geometry questions section gives you the math formulas that you need in order to calculate coordinate geometry problems, such as midpoints, slope, and distance.

Our geometry problems page also gives you common formulas for plane geometry, in other words, for calculations on figures like circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and cones.

In the plane geometry formulas section, you will see the equations that you need to determine the measurement of the circumference of circles, as well as the area, angles, perimeter, and volume of various geometric figures.

Math Problems for Trigonometry

You will also see the equations that you need in order to calculate trigonometric functions on the math test.

The trigonometry section illustrates the concepts of sine, cosine, and tangent and gives you the math formulas that you need for these trigonometric relationships.