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If you are looking for free ACT math prep materials for the test, you have come to the right place.

Cheat Sheet for Math

Free Sample Test

The first type of free ACT math preparation materials that our website provides is all of the formulas you need for the math test.

Free ACT math Prep: Step 1

Math Formulas for the Exam – We recommend that you begin with our math formulas for the test.

This section of the website gives you an overview of the math formulas that you need for the real test.

The math formulas section is comprehensive.

It contains formulas for the following:

  • pre-algebra
  • algebra
  • intermediate algebra
  • coordinate geometry
  • plane geometry
  • trigonometric relationships
  • functions

After reviewing the math formulas, you may wish to print out our Cheat Sheet for Math.

It shows the most commonly tested formulas in one convenient summary.

Free ACT math Prep: Step 2

Free Sample Test Math

Once you have a good understanding of the math formulas, you should then attempt the second part of our free ACT math preparation for the examination, which is our free math sample test.

Our free sample math test contains fifteen advanced math problems for the ACT.

Free ACT math Prep: Step 3

Check Your Answers and Study the Solutions – You can check your answers to the sample test on the answers and explanations page.

As you study the material, pay attention to each step involved in solving the problem.

Free ACT math Prep: Step 4

ACT Math Power Download

Finally, you should have a look at our download page for additional math test problems.

Further ACT Math Prep

You will also find information and advice on the other parts of the exam, including:

  • Science test help
  • Reading test format and strategies
  • English test advice
  • Information on the optional essay writing test

You may also wish to visit out testing tips page for general information and advice on test preparation.

You will also find specific tips on math test preparation.