Pre ACT Test

What is the Pre ACT Test?

The Pre ACT Test is a shorter version of the ACT examination.

It can help you know what to practice before you take the full version of the test.

So, if you can prepare for the Pre ACT with our ACT practice problems.

Pre ACT Test – Math

This Pre ACT Test page is designed to help you find the links to the free ACT math questions on our website.

To go to the free practice problem, please click on the links below:

Basic Equations – Free Practice Problems

Integers – Free Practice Problems

Ratios – Free Practice Problems

Percentages – Free Practice Problems

Square Roots – Free Practice Problems

Practical Problems – Free Practice Problems

You should then try the free sample test by clicking on the link in our main menu.

The elementary algebra part of the Pre ACT Test , as well as the ACT exam, will have questions on:

  • basic equations
  • decimals
  • integers
  • ratios
  • percentages
  • square roots
  • practical problems

Visit the pages aboveĀ for free practice problems, exam tips, formulas, and further information.

Pre ACT Test – Further Information

The pre-test covers the same skill areas as the full-length exam.

So, you will see question on math, English, reading, and science on the pre-test.

The scores on the pre-test are on the same scale as the full test.

So, pre-test scores range from 1 to 36.

When you take the pre-test, the result can help you predict what your score on the full-length ACT test might be.

The pre-test will also help you know which skills you need to improve.

You can also provide your pre-test scores to colleges and universities.

If you would like more information on the pre ACT test, you may want to visit the official ACT site.

For the Official Pre ACT Website, click here.