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This section of our website provides ACT math help and links to our ACT math study downloads.

You will also see information below for the English, reading, science, and writing sections of the exam.

Although our site is primarily devoted to math, students who take the examination will have to take the other sections as well.

As you may already know, the ACT Test est is a four-part examination.

You should check with your college or university.

They may not consider your scores from some parts of the exam when assessing your application.

The scores they use depends on which subject area you are going to study.

For example, if you are going to study marketing, it is unlikely that your application would be viewed poorly if you had a low science score.

Besides the math section of the exam, there are the following parts:

English – For this part of the exam, you will see five passages. You will be tested on your knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction. This part of the exam has 75 questions and you are given 45 minutes to complete it.

Reading – The reading test has four passages, which will be on various academic subjects. You will read the passages and then have to answer some reading comprehension questions on them.

Science – The science section of the exam contains small summaries from research studies, as well as diagrams and graphs. You will need to read the research synopses and answer questions about them.

Writing – The writing part of the test is optional, so you should enquire at your college or university to see if you will need to write an essay on the day of your actual test.

ACT Math Help – ACT Math Study Problems and Exercises

In addition to the free exercises on this website, you should also prepare for the English, reading, and science sections of the exam as part of your ACT study.

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